How To Sync Google Calendar To Your iPhone Calendar App

The iOS Calendar app can find events and birthdays from Facebook. It can also add national holidays from most countries. The Calendar app also adds all events and invites you receive in your mail if you use the default Mail app. If you have other apps that can receive event invites, the Calendar app can automatically import them. The app can work with apps and almost all calendar services including Google Calendar. Even if you never add your Gmail account to your iPhone, you can still sync Google Calendar to your iPhone Calendar app. Here's how.Read More

How To Install Emby Media Server On Linux

There are many different ways to manage media on Linux. Plex is one powerful solution that you can try. You'll find it meets almost all your needs. Of course, Plex isn't the only solution out there. You're spoiled for choice and Emby is an excellent choice to make. It's an open source media streaming software that makes it easy for anyone to deliver movies, TV shows, music and pictures to many types of devices. In this article, we'll go over exactly how to set up an Emby media server on Linux, how to use it and everything in between.Read More

How To Fix Resume Playback In VLC Player After The Creators Update

VLC player has a neat little resume playback feature. It detects when you play a media file that has recently been played in VLC. It knows where you left off when you closed a file. When you open it again, VLC player offers to let you resume where you left off. There is nothing similar in the Videos & TV app that comes with Windows 10. Speaking of Windows 10, the Creators Update has broken the resume playback feature in VLC player. Of all the problems a Windows update could have had, this is the most unpredictable. It's possible, though not much, that VLC will roll out a fix for it. If you don't want to wait, there is a much simpler way to fix resume playback in VLC player.Read More

How To Set A Music Library Song As Your Ringtone [iOS]

Back when feature phones were mainstream, changing ringtones was easy. If you had an even marginally good Nokia phone, you could set a song as your ringtone. Nokia's OS played nice with  MP3 files. This still holds true for Android phones. There are no hoops that you have to jump through if you want to use a song as your ringtone. It's not the same with iOS. iOS ringtone files are in the M4R format, and you can't just save a file to your device and use it as your ringtone. There are quite a few hoops to jump through unless you have a jailbroken device. The good news is, Apple has made GarageBand free for everyone and you can use it to create ringtones. Specifically, you can use it to turn a song from your music library into a ringtone.Read More

What Is The Punycode Phishing Attack And How To Stay Safe

The internet can be a dangerous place. Earlier this week, we talked about a new scam email going around trying to get users to buy a fake VPN service. The scam put your money and your data at risk. Fortunately for the diligent, there are ways to spot a scam like that. Not all scams are easy to spot though, and phishing scams have just gotten smarter thanks to a little thing called Punycodes. It's a new way to register domains and while it wasn't developed to scam people, it is being used to do. Here's a look at what the Punycode phishing attack is, and how to stay safe.Read More

The Fastest VPN Providers

When most people look for a VPN, their main concern is privacy. Hide your identity, protect your data, and do it with the most secure VPN around, end of story. An important consideration that often gets overlooked in the quest for anonymity is speed. The nature of encrypting and rerouting traffic can make a VPN slower than your average local service provider. Streaming movies suddenly take forever to load, and you can forget about online gaming and file sharing. Read More

How To Create A Collection on Instagram

At the end of 2016, Instagram introduced a bookmarking feature. Users can save a post in their home feed by tapping the bookmark button under it. Instagram saves the post to your account. The post i.e. the image itself is not saved to your camera roll. The saved image will be deleted if the account that shared it decides to remove it. It won't make any difference that you saved it. Initially, the save feature was basic. Instagram has now added a way to organize saved posts. You can add saved posts to a folder i.e., collection on Instagram. Users can create as many collections as they want.Read More

How To Run NES Games On Windows

The Nintendo Entertainment System was the best gaming console of its time. Gaming platforms have since evolved. The games themselves have evolved but there is still a solid fanbase for those 8-bit games. Modern mobile games often use the 8-bit art style though, given the improved technology, they look exponentially better. The NES is extinct for the most part, unless you have one lying around in your attic. Those who still want to play an NES game, can do so on their desktop. To run NES games on Windows, you need an emulator. There are quite a few NES emulators available so you're spoiled for choice. If you're looking for something easy to set up and use, give Nintaco a try. Games not included.Read More

How To Get System Wide Access To Fastboot And ADB Tools [Windows]

Google released fastboot and ADB stand alone binaries last year. You can download them if you aren't interested in downloading the entire Android SDK. Compared to the massive SDK file, these tools are tiny. If you aren't a developer, they're what you usually need to mod your device. In order to use it, you have to extract the tools in the same folder as, for example, the image you want to flash on your Android device. The tools can't be accessed from any folder of your choice. The good news is, it is possible to get system wide access to Fastboot and ADB tools if you know how to set it up.Read More

How To Get Driving Directions On Your Lock Screen From Google Maps [iOS]

iOS supports widgets on the lock screen. App developers can add widgets to their apps and iOS users can enable them. The widgets let you access quick actions like viewing  a note on the lock screen. Google Maps received an update that added a widget to accompany the app. This widget lets you get driving directions on your lock screen. You can use it while you're in navigation mode and it will auto-scroll the directions. If you're not in navigation mode, you can manually scroll through the directions.Read More

How To Change The System Font Size In Windows 10 Creators Update

Every major Windows 10 update makes the Control Panel slightly more obsolete. Microsoft has been migrating features and settings from the Control Panel to the new Settings app. The process has quite a few growing pains. For users, it's hard to find a particular setting. Often, it's unclear whether a setting is in the Control Panel app or if it has been moved to the Settings app. It gets all the more confusing when you realize that sometimes, a setting hasn't been moved. Instead, it has been removed altogether. Case in point; the ability to change the system font size. It's been removed in the Creators Update. The good news is that System Font Size Changer is a free app that fills this gap.Read More

Best VPNs for Mac

Staying safe on the internet is getting harder every day. Even Mac users are vulnerable to hackers and ISPs eager to collect and sell private information. Staying anonymous and keeping your data secure is much easier with a virtual private network. As well as keeping users safe, VPNs also provide access to geo-restricted content such as Netflix, Hulu and BBC iPlayer. While most good VPN services offer Mac software, not all apps are equal. We combed through the top providers around to find the best VPNs for Mac OS you can download. Read More

How To Get Updates On A Next Gen CPU On Windows 7 And 8.1

If you have a next generation CPU and you're running either Windows 7 or 8.1, you can't receive updates from Microsoft. This is a new restriction placed by Microsoft that prevents anyone running the best hardware from running an older version of Windows. If that logic doesn't make sense to you, you're not alone. This restriction doesn't stop security updates from being delivered but it is unnecessary. Microsoft wants you to run Windows 10 if you have great hardware specs. The only reasonable response to this is anarchy. A patch has been developed that lets you install Windows 7 and 8.1 updates on a next Gen CPU.Read More

How To Make Your Controller Emulate An Xbox Controller

PC Gamers have kept a safe albeit unhealthy distance from console gamers with the argument that PCs with gamepads are more powerful and more capable than consoles. However that gamepad is exactly what defines consoles. They take the enormity of the keyboard and mouse and condense it into a single controller. Modern games come with "full controller support", meaning they can use any console's controller on a PC exactly as it was intended on a console (complete with accurate button mapping). Xbox controllers are heavily favored by Windows, such that the Xbox One S controller even connects wirelessly to a PC exactly as it would on the Xbox One S console. However, for gamers who use non-traditional controllers, there is a way to connect your controller but have it emulate an Xbox controller.Read More

How To Install & Set Up Plex Media Server On Linux

When it comes to managing media on Linux, there are many different choices like local media management tools like Kodi and OSMC and server based tools like Mediatomb. Suffice it to say, there's no shortage of tools for managing your media on Linux. Plex Media server is perhaps one of the most popular solutions for managing media. It's a proprietary, free media center that can run as a dedicated media server on Linux, Windows, Mac and even BSD. Plex has support for server operating systems, but many people use the software on traditional computers, such as Linux PCs. In this tutorial, we'll be going over how to set up the Plex Media server on Linux, add media, and how to interact with Plex.Read More

Stay Safe: Fake VPN Services Are Trying To Scam You

At the end of March 2017, the U.S. Congress repealed a law that prevented Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from selling users' browsing data. The repeal is widely regarded as an infringement of user privacy. People are actively looking for ways to keep their online activity private i.e., they're shopping for a VPN service. VPN services have been around for years but now they're becoming synonymous to having car insurance. With so many people looking to buy VPN services, it was only a matter of time before someone tried to take advantage of it. Fake VPN services are cropping up and they are more than just a shady websites. These services are pretending to be affiliated with popular services, and they're invading your inbox. Here's how to keep yourself safe.Read More

How To Dual-boot Ubuntu And Windows 10

Many people want to run both Linux and Windows at the same time. The reason is pretty simple: Linux has strengths, and Windows does too, so why not get the best of both worlds and dual-boot them? In this tutorial, we'll go over how to correctly set up a dual-boot between Ubuntu Linux and Windows. This article assumes that Windows 10 (or 7/8/8.1) is already installed on the system. If Windows is not already installed, go through the standard Windows installation process, then refer to this tutorial to dual-boot Ubuntu and Windows 10.Read More

How To Use 3D World Lenses In Snapchat

Snapchat is an app with a plan. The past few months, we've seen Facebook copy Snapchat features in an attempt to compete with it. Snapchat is fighting back not by copying Facebook's features but by adding new features of its own. The latest addition in Snapchat is 3D world lenses. Snapchat users have used lenses for quite a while now but these new 3D world lenses are like painting in the real world. Here's how to use them.Read More

How To View Battery Percentage For Xbox One Controllers In Windows

If you game you've likely at some point heard the PC vs Console debate. If you really love the PC or Console you play on, you might have engaged in this debate too. We're no one to judge which is better. Regardless what you play games on, you use one common device; a controller. Windows lets you connect game controllers with your laptop or desktop. You can connect a wired controller or a wireless one.  The choice is yours. The only problem is Windows doesn't give you an easy way to check the battery percentage for Xbox One Controllers.  XInputBatteryMeter is a free Windows app that fills this gap. It works for Windows 7, 8/8.1, and 10.Read More